Hot Keyboard Pro 6.5.117 Crack

By | 12th September 2021

Hot Keyboard Pro 6.5.117 Crack Free Full Latest version 2021

Hot Keyboard Pro 6.5.117 Crack Free Full Latest version 2021

Hot Keyboard Pro 6.5.117 Crack is an application that helps the user in creating the macros for the same tasks. There is a wide range of work with requires repetitive action from the users. Writing the same thing or performing the same task, again and again, is not a good choice at all. In this way, to get rid of performing the tasks repeatedly, users must install Hot Keyboard Pro 6.5.117 Crack.

Hot Keyboard Pro 6.5.117 Cracked With License Key Free Download

Hot Keyboard Pro 6.5.117 Crack Free Full Latest version 2021

The macros options are that users start recording on a keystroke. As well, playing on a keystroke is also an option of the macros. Similarly, controlling the sounds by using the volume buttons is possible in this program. Moreover, setting an alarm or reminder includes macros options. Likewise, users can also perform the shutdown, copy-paste, and opening of the directory operation by only a single keypress.

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Hot Keyboard Pro 6.5.117 Crack Free Full Latest version 2021

After giving the name to the macros, you can append this to the main screen of Hot Keyboard Pro 6.5.117 Crack. In this way, you can launch the new macros according to the need. Even, you can create an action according to the default keyword of the process. After this, users can activate the macros by using the settings of the keyboards shortcuts.

Importantly, in Hot Keyboard Pro 6.5.117 Crack users can protect the macros by setting the password protection. After encryption of the macros, we can convert them in some formats after importing them from the hard drive. The Formats include HKB and HKBACKUP.


  1. Can automatically insert text in editors and text fields including date/time stamps, text files, and more
  2. Launch (or activate) programs
  3. Quickly open folders
  4. Open dialup connections
  5. Open URLs (web pages)
  6. Control WinAmp
  7. Control CD player
  8. Operations on windows (minimize/maximize/etc)
  9. Instantly activate the screen saver with one keypress
  10. Can schedule each macro execution to a specific time or times
  11. It is possible to run several macros in a sequence
  12. Increase/decrease sound volume (you can even create separate controls for CD, MIDI, and other devices)
  13. Menu organization of hotkeys (lets you define an unlimited number of hotkeys and group them for easier use)
  14. Can execute any macro via a desktop shortcut
  15. Works in DOS sessions
  16. Windows Explorer & Internet Explorer integration
  17. Shutdown Windows immediately or on a schedule
  18. Fast text insertions via the clipboard
  19. Record/playback of your keystrokes and mouse actions
  20. Can print defined macros for future reference
  21. Speeds of macro playback can be configured
  22. Launch applications minimized
  23. Hides itself in the system tray
  24. Client/Server architecture available to synchronize macros over the network
  25. Setup Wizard will scan your system on install to define first-time macros for you
  26. WIN key and multimedia keyboards with extended keys support
  27. Each macro can be set to run in specific windows only
  28. Macros can be printed for future reference
  29. SmartAdd feature adds new macros quickly using the clipboard or high-lighted text
  30. International versions available


  1. 5 MB off Disk Space
  2. Keyboard (Keyboard with Extended keys recommended)

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